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Detailed inquiry

If you have specific wishes or requirements for your travel destination, please fill out this detailed questionnaire and send it to us. We will then do our best to supply you with further information on the travel destination. Please remember that the more details you give us, the better are the chances for a speedy and precise reply from us.

Please tell us how you prefer to travel, where you want to go and what kind of overnight accommodations you would like. Please also remember to supply us with the dimensions - length and breadth - of your aids, if any. If you add your name and address, we will send you our reply as quickly as possible.

Making use of the information on Handi-Travel-Info´s homepage and sending us inquiries on disability travelling through the questionnaire below is free of charge.

Further inquiries about specific destinations are available for a very small fee. For tasks that are more time-consuming for us, Handi-Travel-Info charges 50 DKR (=£ 5-6) for required information on disability travels in Denmark and 100 DKR (= £ 10-11) for information on disability travelling abroad.

How do you want to travel:


What overnight accommodations do you prefer:


Please tick off the aids you use when on holiday:
No aids
Guide dog/ service dog
Manual wheelchair   Breadth: cm. x Length: cm
Electrical wheelchair   Breadth: cm. x Length: cm
Commode/shower chair   Breadth: cm. x Length: cm.
Mobile hoist   Breadth: cm. x Length: cm.
  Necessary free space under the bed for mobile hoist cm.

(for example whether you want more bednights at the same destination in connection with Drive-Yourself vacation, etc.).

Your contact information:
Name: Phone:
Address: Fax:
Postal code & city: E-mail:
Contact person, if any:

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