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Recently, disability travelling has been in focus. This has resulted in a vast amount of literature on the subject. Though, in spite of this fact, information on disability travelling is still scattered and hard to come by. This means that there is still a considerable distance to come until disabled people can travel on approximately equal terms as able-bodied persons.

In August 1997, Palle Düring set his mind on adjusting this disparity. Since then, Bjarne Habekost, John Busk and Carsten Hyldig have joined the project. All of us are spastic.

Because we have travelled a lot ourselves and encountered many an awkward situation and practical problems, we came up with ideas to how disabled people could access a Danish database compiling information on travel agencies, overnight accommodations, transportation etc.

Our goal is to pass on our own personal travel experiences to our peers in order to minimize the number of negative experiences when travelling.

In order to do this, we have established a Danish database compiling information on disability travelling, such as overnight accommodations, travel agencies, etc. This source of information has to be situated on the Internet in order to give disabled people, e.g. without a verbal language, direct access to this information. And while establishing the database we will be in continuous contact with the travel trade. When physically disabled people are travelling, they can help us out by filling out a questionnaire, describing the accessibility at the holiday destination they are staying at. When the disabled travellers return home, they can send us the completed questionnaire, and we will then add the information to our database.

In this way we are convinced that we can contribute to improving the travel conditions for physically disabled people.

The project is mainly aimed at physically disabled people, their families and helpers/carers.

Another target group could be institutions and groups who need guidance and advice on how to plan and successfully carry out a journey, also abroad.

John Busk Sørensen

Anni Mikkelsen
Anni Mikkelsen

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