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Trip to The Faroe Islands, by Handi -Travel -Info summer 2010

Our trip to The Faroe Islands went very well. We made some inquiries, which are practicable for all people in wheelchairs.



Handi –Travel-Info’s trip to The Faroe Islands, began in Hanstholm, northern Jutland. We boarded a huge  ferry which contains eight floors, including restaurants, information desk and a very accessible handicap toilet. A little mistake is the holder for paper is preventing for the armrests, but everything else was o.k. including automatic door.

The ferry has two accessible cabins with good space and the trip is 29 hours on its’ way. Even though 29 hours seems like a long time on a ferry, time runs fast, you have a cinema, you can have  lunch, join the bar in the evening and get a little drunk, but of course it is not a mission for the director of Handi – Travel –info, he just takes a few drinks. You also have the possibility to get outside on the upper deck, there is a small ramp and a mini-bar as well.

Then we arrived to the Faroe Islands without any specific problems, just a little seasickness to one of the helpers, both on the way out - and on the way back (remember the tablets against seasickness). We drove from the ferry in a lot of fog. We lived in five stars Hotel Faroe, but had some problems finding it. We had to ask a lady, and we were lucky, the lady works in Hotel Faroe where we are going to stay. After arriving and pointing out our rooms, we went to bed, but woke up early, we had an appointment with the Faroese tourist-worker from, who helped us to plan the trip. She arrived and asked us if we were satisfied with our plan and also about the excursions, which we were.

Just a funny memory:  On our two excursions we asked for a guide, but three guides arrived, but one is enough, she laughed and takes the two of them from the job.

Our first excursion went to the north of Faroe Islands, Kirkeby, but we made a stop to watch a church, and our guide told us about the widespread Christianity and Catholicism. Later, we went to see a mountain, where the view often is very good, if there is no fog. But the fog comes and goes in the Faroe Islands.
The Hotel Faroe has every day prepared a wrapped lunch, but we forgot on our first excursion, but remembered on the second excursion. On the next trip,  the director and his helper went sailing to the island Westmanna. The small ferry brought us to some caves and gorges, we needed helmets for protection. It was funny to be that close to the gorges, and on our return, the captain suddenly speeded the ferry up, it was very fast. On fortunately I had one of my helpers by my side, my wheelchair raised itself.

The trip to the Faroe Islands by Handi-Travel-Info was not only a vacation, but working too. We would like to investigate the standard for handicapped and we were surprised about the possibility for tourism.
Ex. The hotel we lived in, five stars Hotel Faroe:  It has level free entrance, two lifts in both ends, which are very large, with good size of door wide. The restaurant is on the 2. floor, with good space inside and outside. The rooms were large including a good bathroom. Downstairs, next to reception there is an accessible toilet as well. The reception is bright and very large.
Next to the hotel there is a hostel, but it is just for walking guests.
We also went to the northern part of Faroe Islands, to another hotel in the town Gjógv, it is one of the coziest hotels in Faroe Islands, it is almost five stars. You can easily move in a wheelchair and they also have an annex, containing four handicap apartments, very accessible.
We also went to some two stars hotels, they are just for walking guests or maybe a small electric wheelchair.
The lady from the tourist office had made an appointment with the staff in the airport in Faroe Islands Thorshavn, and Handi-Travel-Info went out to have a look. Very good conditions for handicapped, level free entry, automatic sliding door, etc.

Then I have to tell about a highlight on the Faroe Islands, which is very important to them, the Olai – party. They are all dressed in national costume, the men in black trousers, white shirt and west decorated with marks which tell the history of the Faroe Islands.
 Also the shops are all very accessible for handicapped, most of them have ramps, ex. I found a birthday present to my father in a radio shop. So in that way the Faroe Islands are up to date for handicapped in wheelchairs.
It is a good idea to have a local guide to show you around, ex. the weather is rather different depending where you are going, which island, you can  check on webcam.


  • All shops are closed on Sundays.
  • It can be tough to sail late evening, ex. 00.30 from Hanstholm, you have to be in the harbor from 22.00, (10 pm.) It is too much for small children.
  • It is possible to organize horse riding.

Thorshavn has steep streets, but it is still accessible for wheelchairs.
At last, the director of Handi-Travel-Info want to mention two points, first we have made a video and when it is ready, we will put it on the database and homepage.
Second point, users of wheelchairs can have vacation on the Faroe Islands,  me myself can recommend Hotel Faroe. If you want to bring your own help remedy, it is better to go by car. You can also go by plane, it is possible to rent a handicap car in the airport.

But the Faroe Islands is not an impossible place to have a vacation for handicapped, and if you want to hear further about the way of travelling, please contact Handi-Travel-Info.

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